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ripped paper
Estefania Cobuccin

EstefanÍa Cobucci

Graphic Design

Venezuelan artist based in Miami, Florida. Estefanía incorporates personal experiences and emotions to convey meaningful messages and promote social change. Resilience consists of multiple layers of torn canvas with different textures within abstractly shaped holes that creates the optical illusion of a tunnel when they form a whole. Each layer in this piece represents different experiences and circumstances, such as migratory grief, psychological and emotional abuse, fear of identity loss, family separation, loneliness, mourning, and estrangement. In this exhibition, the artist intends not only to share her journey but to invite the audience to connect and relate to the piece based on their own experiences.

Resilience - Estefania Cobucci

Resilience (detail), 2023, Canvas Application: ripped and burned canvases, burned plaster, printed text and fabric, Canvases: 48 x 30 x 31.5 in.