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NWSA BFA 2023 Thesis Theme cover

04.28.23 — 05.12.23

New World
School of the Arts
BFA Exhibition

Featuring works by 27 senior BFA graduates from the New World School of the Arts, Thesis offers a range of conceptual explorations from intrapersonal reflections to social commentary to investigations of home and environments. Thesis is a culmination of the 2023 cohort of artists’ paths of inquiry and training in Art and Technology, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.

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Visual Arts Faculty
  • Molly Aubry
  • Luisa Basnuevo
  • Olivier Casse
  • Leonardo Castañeda
  • Sebastian Duncan Portuondo
  • Veronica Fazzio
  • Tony Fernandez
  • Chris Friday
  • Carlos Gallostra
  • Noah Garcia
  • Kathleen Hudspeth
  • Donald Lambert
  • Rhea Leonard
  • T. Elliott Mansa
  • Maria Martinez-Cañas
  • Rosario Martinez-Cañas
  • Carlene Muñoz
  • Aramis O’Reilly
  • Annette M. Piskel
  • Alisa Pitchenik Charles
  • Michael Szabo
  • Fred Snitzer
  • John Soto
  • Misael Soto
  • Jeannette Stargala
  • Wanda Texon

2023 NWSA
BFA Exhibition

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